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Stories of Success Podcast

The podcast is a listening experience for your personal development.

I regularly interview high achievers, entrepreneurs, consultants, visionaries, coaches, and mentors about their secrets and experience. Learn from the best and enjoy!

Jun 6, 2019

I don’t believe this was the first podcast Chris Baldwin recorded. I feel honoured. A successful TED Speaker, entrepreneur and digital agency owner. He made millions, gave loads of money away, lives minimalistically and just launched a new venture called 10x speaker which helps others to be successful as a speaker. We hopefully bring that concept to London soon, so stay tuned!
We had so much to talk about and spend a good deal on how to become a great speaker, earn money as a speaker and he is the proof: the fastest growing speaker in 2018 and number 1 top 10 speaker list in 2019 in the Netherlands. There is so much to come, including a book about the principles he reveals in this podcast.
Success for him is about making others successful. He makes his life all about helping others, and we discuss success, thoughts on what others think, and how essentially we are all chasing the dream of seeking freedom to choose. Towards the end he also reveals his top 3 principles he lives his life by. 
For him it is all about being more efficient, and to worry less and focus on the essentials, in order to be more successful. He speaks about his new book about the seven mindsets to become the best speaker you can be, and potentially make money with that too. His decision making framework is based on those rules.
You will love listening to this podcast, and you cannot stop taking notes. Such a rich experience full of advice. I probably have him back soon to go deeper on some of the topics we discussed! His book recommendations can be found on my page
This podcast is hosted by Volker Ballueder (Ballueder Partners), a coach, consultant and growth expert - he also wrote a book on productivity and life improvement #BeBetter.