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Stories of Success Podcast

The podcast is a listening experience for your personal development.

I regularly interview high achievers, entrepreneurs, consultants, visionaries, coaches, and mentors about their secrets and experience. Learn from the best and enjoy!

Nov 14, 2019

I hardly laughed as much as with Catherine B. Roy in my latest episode of Stories of Success. She is just so much fun, I think I need to have her back for another chat sometime very soon. So we started with a great laugh (literally, if you tune in).
We start the conversation around her IQ which is over 156, and she is a MENSA member; I actually did a test on the back of it. My result was less, still within the top 9% of people. She is a personal growth and business growth coach and developed a system for emotional and intellectual development, living from your heart and mind. Catherine describes her talents that she can learn quicker, accept differences easier and has a longer memory; her system is about tapping into 2% of the brain that helps you to raise your game as an individual to become better at what you do.
Without controlling her talent, she can get overwhelmed, as she has high attention to detail. Her system looks at Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and IQ at the same time. We are both experienced in EQ and realised that unfortunately a lot of senior and successful people don’t have a high EQ at all. 
Catherine differentiates between feelings and emotions which leads us to a conversation about mindset and alignment of mind and real life. Her system is about balancing your mindset and tapping into your inner self, looking at 10 areas of life like relationships, problem-solving, overcoming obstacles, love, etc.; and she goes into detail of her love algorithm. 
We then go on and discuss her social media strategies, including how to get traction on LinkedIn; her huge amount of followers came after Bryan McGill, from the Human Potential Leadership community, endorsed her. However, whilst the numbers are big, it is all about the core audience, and maintaining the right message to the right people, and keep engaging on a daily basis.
Catherine gives me a great lesson on how to build a social media strategy, and you will find that helpful as well. She loves LinkedIn and that’s where most of her clients are coming from. One of her tips is to make LinkedIn more of a landing page than a CV, which a summary that explains what you are doing and which value you add to your clients. The strategy is to give video content up to 2.5 minutes with value add for your audience.
We also discuss the importance of Twitter and whether Instagram is the right channel, and if so, for whom. You can learn a ton from her how to use social media in the right way. 
Success for her is not about material success but all about fulfillment in every part of life: reaching the level of joy in life when you are able to live an extraordinary life, within and outside of yourself.
Before we finish, Catherine reveals a life-changing experience for her, which lead her to be the person she is today and which gave her so much energy. We are getting philosophical about life, death and the time we have left. A powerful story that shifted her life, and made her create her own life!
I am confident you find this episode super useful and find a lot of takeaways for your life; how to live your life fulfilled, and what kind of outlook in life helps you to be successful.
If you would like to find out more about Catherine, you can find her homepage here:, where you can request a free ebook sample, and also check out her LinkedIn Profile and other social media, feeds you find via her website.
The Link to her Book Live from your Heart and Mind:
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