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Stories of Success Podcast

The podcast is a listening experience for your personal development.

I regularly interview high achievers, entrepreneurs, consultants, visionaries, coaches, and mentors about their secrets and experience. Learn from the best and enjoy!

Jul 16, 2018

James and I met many moons ago when he ran a company called Tangozebra which was acquired by DoubleClick as it went into Google; the soft toy zebra has been with me ever since. He is a true technical entrepreneur and one of the original rich media people in the industry. His interest in audio lead his career from music to the internet via a dial up connection to running a programmatic tech company called Scoota. Throughout his successes, James has stayed humble and follows his mantra of 'money is only interesting if you do something good with it' when investing or evaluating options. So besides some old cars and an older farm, he is a careful investor and founder, has written a children's book, and balances his life with Yoga and a JCB. I hope you enjoy his story, a truly unique insight into the early beginnings of the world wide web and advertising.