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Stories of Success Podcast

The podcast is a listening experience for your personal development.

I regularly interview high achievers, entrepreneurs, consultants, visionaries, coaches, and mentors about their secrets and experience. Learn from the best and enjoy!

Jan 9, 2020

I interviewed Sidar Ok, an executive coach and renowned independent management consultant in IT strategy, and founder of IQoach. His clients are Fortune 500 companies. However, despite his success, he had to evacuate his family home to record the podcast from a car, because he couldn’t risk waking up his two young children. So throughout the podcast we were worried he might be picked up by the police ;-)
His journey is amazing; fleeing Turkey to avoid going to war and likely to die, working for Microsoft, working in the US, then Dublin and settling in Belgium. His motto is ’struggle is real”, and it reflects in his story, as he taught himself a lot of skills around IT and programming and languages. 
What I enjoyed was that we are both doing something similar. We work with companies as a “coachsultant”, offering value as a consultant, then moving on to continue working with companies as a coach. It is about experience first and coaching second. I often use the term ’trusted advisor’.
Success for him is about measurable smart goals, but ultimately about your definition of quality work which you deliver over a period of time to meet the client’s needs. The end in mind, stepping stones and clear goal settings which will be measurable within 2 months of his coaching programmes.
Sidar also gives me the best ever compliment of calling me ‘a coaching genius’ which I found very flattering. He always created a necessity, an urge, to get out of bed and make it happen. His motivation is his drive to achieve more, and to create urgency. For him it is like ‘being dead’ if he doesn’t find a necessity inside himself. His drive is phenomenal and he reveals how he motivates himself.
It’s about one's calling and just going for it, particularly if there isn’t a safety net. To let go of that fear of letting go, to go for what you want to do in life. Fear is what moves you forward, because the cost of inaction is much higher. Sidar then reveals his framework how to implement change with clients. His advice is to go for it, make today the day you going to make it happen.
Just to let you know, he did survive the recording from the car without any permanent damages ;-)
This podcast is hosted by Volker Ballueder (Ballueder Partners), a trusted advisor, business consultant and mindfulness trainer. Volker wrote a book on productivity and life improvement #BeBetter. He launched his bestselling book Principles for Success, based on the interviews on this podcast, in 2019. 
If you are interested in working with Volker Ballueder as an advisor, coach or consultant, please reach out to him via email (