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I regularly interview high achievers, entrepreneurs, consultants, visionaries, coaches, and mentors about their secrets and experience. Learn from the best and enjoy!

Jul 2, 2020

This week I welcome Chris Hyland to my podcast. 
Chris is a tech entrepreneur that believes technology can be used for good and can dramatically impact the world in a positive way. He is lucky enough that his personal vision matches up with his company's vision at The Happiness Index.
The reason I asked Chris to be on the podcast is to discuss happiness. What does happiness mean? Now in times of Covid19 and beyond? Does happiness equal success? Their vision is #FreedomToBeHuman - organisations that succeed will enable their people to feel like a human ... not a number!
His purpose: To work with organisations to achieve a Thriving Culture. This is achieved when a strong balance is found between employee engagement and happiness.
Chris always enjoyed to look at the psychology behind the ads, following a marketing degree. So he started his own search agency in 2008. For him it was always important to build a company with a great culture, which led him to come up with the idea of the Happiness Index. They always build their first agency on honesty and transparency. 
At that business he first tried out the concept of the Happiness Index to understand what employees really want. And the first response they got was to improve personal development and training. For him, the success is down to listening to his employees and customers.
They are taking a neuroscience approach. It’s about how humans act and feel. It is about having a purpose driven organisation and being treated as a human being. Whilst this sounds like common sense, it is still not commonplace in many organisations. And the results are improved productivity and better organisations. 
Now, during Covid19, the insights the Happiness Index is delivering for companies, are more key than ever to understand employees. And whilst responses might be more negative due to the circumstances, the main keyword coming up was ‘uncertainty’; everyone is worried about the future. Having that data, and sharing that insight with employees, is key to developing a trusting relationship with staff. It’s about the quality of life and the right balance which is what employees are after. We also discuss different office set ups and how a law firm just cancelled their office for 3000 staff.
The Happiness Index is still doing their annual or quarterly away days, now virtually, to make sure they keep their culture going during these difficult times. And again, he finishes about some stats why happier companies lead to more successful companies. All employees get is a voice, it is that simple.
A great podcast, shedding light on the success factor happiness, and how employee happiness matters in organisation.
You can contact Chris via Linkedin 
Volker coaches transformations (career, life & business), and helps individuals and companies through change. He is also a mindfulness trainer and productivity expert, consulting companies on soft skills around sales and business development. In his podcast he interviews successful people and wrote a best selling book about the advice.