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Stories of Success Podcast

The podcast is a listening experience for your personal development.

I regularly interview high achievers, entrepreneurs, consultants, visionaries, coaches, and mentors about their secrets and experience. Learn from the best and enjoy!

Jul 23, 2018

This week's episode is with Barbara Soltysinska. She is the CEO of indaHash and whilst living in Poland she has international experience of scaling businesses across Europe and globally. For her, success is about the satisfaction one gains from doing what one is doing on a daily basis. It is a personal thing and something we should all enjoy. Barbara works with a coach for many years and has very high standards and values, something we find in a lot of successful entrepreneurs; she deeply cares about helping others and passing on her knowledge. Her deep insights into different cultures and her reflective attitude makes this podcast a gem just before we break up for the summer. Join me in welcoming Barbara on the podcast, someone who takes cold showers, believes in deep breathing exercises and lives by her mantra: expect the best, prepare for the worst. Find out more about her on indaHash's website or Barbara's Linkedin profile.