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Stories of Success Podcast

The podcast is a listening experience for your personal development.

I regularly interview high achievers, entrepreneurs, consultants, visionaries, coaches, and mentors about their secrets and experience. Learn from the best and enjoy!

Apr 23, 2020

I enjoyed meeting Gian Power ACA on my podcast who set up his first business aged 13 and later worked at Deutsche Bank and PwC and witnessed first-hand some of the wellbeing & inclusion issues that need to be tackled in the corporate world.
In 2015, an unexpected family tragedy changed Gian’s life forever, when his dad was murdered on a trip to India. When returning back to work, Gian saw the power of being able to share his emotions and being his full self at work.
We are discussing the working culture in the finance sector, yet his experience wasn’t too bad. However, his experiences and inner resilience sparked his passion for prioritising wellbeing and inclusion in the workplace. That’s what lead Gian to found TLC Lions and The Unwind Experience; he is passionate about igniting emotion in the workplace, encouraging others to share and be themselves at work.
Speaking about his mentor at work, and how this helped both his attitude and his productivity. We are discussing how the right leadership and how leaders who listen get more out of their staff; bringing the human back into work.
Another topic we discuss is his 5 am morning routine and we compare what we do; in his case he meditates, journals and goes to the gym. So very similar to what I do.
Gian defines success as being happy and content along his journey. He wants to wake up every day being content with the life he is living; to establish whether he is on track, he is asking himself 4 questions every month to measure his happiness:
  1. How happy am I with my life (1-10)
  2. How happy am I with TLC Lions as an organisation (1-10)
  3. What am I going to change to become a little bit happier
  4. Is this still the life I wanted when I left PwC 
For Gian it is important that he is on a journey where he is happy every day, as from his experience life can change so quickly. So he tries to not plan too long term.
We discuss meditation and it helps with resilience which he defines as keeping going when things get tough. He, similar to myself, can get knocked down, but he always gets up again with some techniques he reveals that help him to get through the tough times. Meditation is one of them, but so is exercise, overall health and feeling gratitude and positive self-talk.
The Unwind Experience is a company Gian founded after a meditation experience that someone gave to him when many people around him were struggling with burn-out. So the Unwind Experience is a meditation experience over 9,000 people went through last year, adapted to the highly stressful workplace.
You can find Gian on LinkedIn or Instagram and TLC as well as the Unwind Experience  - at the end we briefly speak about his fantastic achievement to win an award for entrepreneurial spirit. Well done!
His best piece of advice is to find your passion and purpose and go and chase it!
If you are interested, Gian is recruiting for a partnership role and a lead for the Unwind Experience. Reach out to him if you are interested.
Volker coaches transformations (career, life & business), and helps individuals and companies through change. He is also a mindfulness trainer and productivity expert. In his podcast Stories of Success he interviews successful people and wrote a book on the back of it.